Bodrum Bazaars

 Due to the climate in Bodrum, as with many Mediterranean towns, a large part of life takes place out in the street. Bodrum’s harbour has been bustling for centuries, but due to the never-ending attacks from sea, the houses were traditionally built with no doors or windows on the ground floor. Unseen from outside, in high-walled stone courtyards, local handcrafts, weaving and culinary delights were prepared, ready to share with calling visitors.

In the town, nearly every visitor covets a pair of traditional sandals, known simply as “Bodrum Sandals”. Glass beads are produced by a method unchanged over a thousand years. This ancient technique has been combined with the Turkish tradition of protecting against evil fate, and the result is the Eye Bead. The markets on the peninsula are full of the colourful products of local artisans; carpets, textiles, wood engravings and pottery. Every place in Turkey has its particular market day with local produce. Authentic gifts and seasonal fresh fruit can all be found in these markets at reasonable prices.

Monday - Türkbükü
Tuesday – Bodrum (clothes, textiles, gifts only),Gölköy
Wednesday – Ortakent, Gündoğan
Thursday – Yalıkavak
Friday – Bodrum
Saturday – Turgutreis