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Royal Asarlık Beach Hotel & Spa is a port that you can shelter by drawing away from all the chaos of life. SPA that has applied since from Romans up to this day and that is the name given to water therapies is the name of not only the water and mud treatments today, but also the massage therapies, aroma therapies, beauty and care cure services and it is the center of rest and relief providing the renewal and purification of the trio of body, mind and soul.

With care applied in Classical Turkish Bath by using bath glove, it is provided your skin to soften and remove the toxins. Bath glove that is the first step in Turkish bath tradition is used for cleaning and purification after a good sweat. Bath glove removes bacteria and harmful waste material in the pores of the skin and opens the clogged pores and remove the roughs. It cleans the skin deeply and purifies from toxic cells and allows the reconstruction of the upper layer. The bath glove not only cleans and beautifies our body but also makes a healthier body. In particular by strengthening the immune system, it will be healthier and more vigorous against the body diseases.

It is a traditional Turkish massage applied in Turkish bath. After a good and healthy bath glove, it is made in order to complete the beneficial effects of the bath glove and to ensure better cleaning. With traditional Turkish bath application, the whole body is covered with foam. Through message application in the following, especially the mobility of skin, skin subcutaneous adipose tissue and the tissue with cellulite besides the skin cleansing are provided and with increasing blood circulation, it is ensured to be removed of the toxics from the body.

Sauna is described as “dry steam bath” and it is also known as traditional Finnish bath. Sauna provides an excellent environment for body and soul health. The elimination of toxins in a compatible temperature, resting, and the shower taken with cold water in the following regulate the blood circulation, reduces tension, provides peace and relation.


Steam bath is an age-old tradition like the sauna and thought to be the simplest way to eliminate toxins from the body. Through this way, the pores of the skin opens, millions of sweat glands begin to secrete, the body throws the metabolic substances produced and other wastes out. The amount of body exudates up to 30% is removed from the body through perspiration.


It can be benefited from personalized beauty care for more vivid, healthier and smooth skin accompanied by our expert specialist, after the cares to be made in our Royal Asarlık Beach Hotel & Spa center you will feel your skin refreshed.



Daily life stress loads fatigue and negative energy to our body and causes our body crushed under too heavy load to handle. Physical and mental breakdown brought by this load causes irreversible harms in the body if it is not taken measure. Massage therapies used for healing for centuries increases the body's resistance and makes a smooth skin. By stimulating the energy centers in our body, the immune system goes into action and the body begins to work the body on renewal. Aromatic oils and smell of incense used during message destroy the negative energy as well as physical comfort.
The massages made with a variety of techniques from medical massage to volcanic stone massage provide both spiritual and physical relief, thus tranquility and beauty reflected from the inside and add a real sense to outer beauty.
Indulge yourself with massages made with master hands in Royal Asarlık Beach Hotel & Spa…

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